In order to affirm Kinh Do trade mark is increasingly growing, and affirm increasingly firm position of Kinh Do trade mark in the market as well as to connect businessmen and domestic and international enterprises, Kinh Do held Kinh Do Golf Tournament 2009 in Thu Duc Golf Court. The tournament took place ebulliently and successfully with the participation of over 200 golfers from domestic and oversea corporations, companies, investors, and businessmen. Even though it is annual tournament, year by year, Kinh Do Golf Tournament has new features and affirms its scale, professionalism and experience in organization.

Unlike other tournaments, golfers participating Kinh Do Golf Tournament are equipped with clothes, caps and umbrellas. In addition, organization committee is very considerate in serving golfers with products of the company and member companies of Kinh Do. Ki Do Company, Kinh Do Bakery Company and other sponsors supply services throughout the tournament. Considerate service of organization committee contributes to create favorable conditions for golfers to show their talents.

One of the most respectable things for over 4 years of organization is the reputation of the tournament for partner enterprises as well as the attractiveness of Kinh Do Golf Tournament for golfers. By 2009, partner enterprises such as VinaCapital, Pepsi, Thien Ling, SaiGon Tourist, Thanh Nhon, Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam – Australia Steel Company, Tan Tan Company, Long Hai Company, KBP (Malaysia), Damah (Malaysia) have coordinately support Kinh Do Golf Tournament for 4 running years. In addition, with the objective of creating the link for domestic and oversea businessmen to meet and exchange, this year tournament attracted over 200 golfers from domestic and oversea corporations, companies, investors, and businessmen. Cool weather during the tournament also created favorable conditions for golfers to show their talents.

After an ebullient competition day, golfers met to share their happiness of winning at solemn, friendly and warm award ceremony held in the evening of the same day in swimming pool area of Thu Duc Golf Court with impressive performance of music and song, dance and fashion show. On this occasion, 300 million dong of participating fees contributed by golfers were used to support social programs of Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland and Front Committee and 200 million dong for Ho Chi Minh Supporting Association for Poor Patients.

Award Ceremony Night with the topic Flaming Night was also one of impressive points of this year tournament, which was meticulously invested. Sparkling, imposing stage was set up on swimming pool as well as special performances were warmed welcome by golfers and guests. More surprising and exciting was performance of golfers, who not only compete professionally but also contribute to award night with highly skilled dance performance.

Kinh Do Golf Tournament 2009 consisted of 4 tables with round form of competition. The tournament had big and attractive prizes with total value of 500,000 USD including: 05 Hole-in-one prize with 01 high class apartment Sunrise City, 01 BMW 5231i, 01 Mercedes C – Class C200K Elegance, 01 Toyota Camry 3.5, 01 Toyota Vios 1.5 New. In award ceremony night, Organization committee awarded 26 prizes including: First prize, Second prize, Third prize in Men Division A, B, & Callaway table; First prize, Second prize, Third prize Ladies Division; Men Best Gross Combine and Ladies Best Gross and 12 technical sub-prizes. Especially after the tournament, on 4th December, golfers at the top of tables: Golfer Ton That Diep (Table A), golfer Nguyen Trong Thang (Table B), golfer Lin Ke Chung (Callaway table), golfer Andrew Hung Pham (championship of Men Best Gross Combine) attended Friendly Golf Tournament held in Macau – China. Attribute success of the Tournament to sponsorship of lots of partner enterprises: VinaCapital, Company, NovaLand Company, Quang Dung Company, Thien Long Company, PepsiCo Vietnam, TongYuan Company, Vietnam – Australia Steel Company, Australia Steel Company, HSBC Bank, Dong Tam Company, Bao Viet Sai Gon, Saigon Tourist, Tan Tan Company, Him Lam Company, Damah Company, KPB Company, Long Hai Company, Vietnam Airlines, Nam Minh Long Company, UOB Bank, Hoa Vien Restaurant, Matrix Golf, Ki Do Company, Tribeco Company, Kinh Do Saigon, Hang Xanh Automobile Company (Haxaco), Toyota Dong Saigon Company. In addition, the Tournament was honorably sponsored in terms of information by Tuoi Tre Newspaper, Saigon Times Group, Saigon Businessman Newspaper, Investment Bridge Magazine, Vietnam News, Ho Chi Minh City Police Newspaper, Today Sport Newspaper, Golf Vietnam Magazine, Golf & Life Magazine, Today Golf Magazine, Fine Arts Magazine, Good Morning Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City Television.


In addition to being a link for domestic and oversea businessmen to meet and exchange, profound meaning that Organization committee as well as Kinh Do Company desire to attach to this activity is jointly contribute and support social programs. By now, after 4 tournaments, competition expense and contribution from golfers, Kinh Do Golf Tournament has supported Scholarship funds, social programs with total amount of 1.8 billion dong.

We believe that with incessant renovation and expansion over years, in the following years, Kinh Do Golf Tournament shall continue to be supported by partner enterprises as well as enthusiastically participated by golfers.