On August 10th 2005, Boomday Aloha (Campaign for Aloha saline) was held with the participation of the entire sales team divided into nearly 200 couples in Aloha yellow uniforms everywhere gathering at the starting point.

When the program started, all the teams spread out the assigned roads. The goal for each sale team is to sell products for 25 shops and pasting posters for 20 shops with the requirement that there are enough 2 kinds of salt and sweet SKU in each shop while they have to sell products in the defined area.

On the same day at noon teams reported their progress to regional managers. Aloha Boomday ended, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, there were more than 2,000 banners hung and sales results per day reached 24,000 pcs.

This campaign is a new strategic feature in launching Kin Do products to consumers in 2009. Mr Doan Hoang Quan - Marketing Director said: "Aloha Boomday took place on 09 & 10 May that was very successful thanks to the coordination from the distributors, Marketing department as well as close direction close of  the leaders. Marketing department tried their best to complete and exceed sales targets per day in Aloha Boomday. A large number of POSM was deployed simultaneously covering all shops, selling points in Ho Chi Minh City, local provinces that contributed to attract high awareness of consumers. With the impression from the beginning and activities towards consumers of Aloha in this occasion, I believe that the campaign for Aloha fresh salty bread products in particular and other commodities in general will reap the success, namely reaching the sales target has been set."