Officially participating in the food market in Vietnam since 1993, over the past two decades, KIDO has proven to be a dynamic and creative industry pioneer, and numerous milestones have celebrated its continuing development. 

All the staff at KIDO share a common mission and goal – to “Flavor your life” – and to become the leading foodstuff group in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region. Aiming to gain an immediate foothold in the foodstuff and spice markets, as well as to meet consumer requirements, KIDO has invested continuously in factories and on research into new products. The group has also signed Mergers & Acquisitions and strategic partnerships in a bid to expand its operations. Whenever a new product is launched onto the market or a partnership is signed, it marks a step forward in KIDO's development, brings the KIDO brand and essential food products closer to Vietnamese consumers.

  • Chang Duong Logo Tho Phat 480x270px

  • Chang Duong Ra Mat Gia Vi 480x270px

  • Chang Duong Bakery 2 480x270px

  • Chang Duong 2020 Chuk 480x270px

    Chặng đường năm 2021

  • Chang Duong Bakery 1 480x270px

    Quay lại ngành hàng bánh kẹo

  • Chang Duong 2020 H1 480x270px

    Penetrating into confectionery, beverage and expanding market share in edible oil and ice cream industry

  • Chang Duong 2020 H2 480x270px 1

    Merger of KIDO Foods into KDC

  • Chang Duong 2019 480x270px

    Market diversification through self-manufacturing, trading, OEM and joint venture.

  • Chang Duong Kido Nha Be 480x270px

    Acquired 51% stake in Golden Hope Nha Be and established KIDO Nha Be Co., Ltd

  • Logo Vocarimex Yellow

    Buy 51% stake in Vietnam Vegetable Oils Industry Corporation.

  • Chang Duong Nam 2017 Dbc Food

    Invest 50% into DABACO Food-processing Company Ltd

  • Chang Duong Tuong An 480x270px

    Buy 65% stake in Tuong An Vegetable Oils JSC.

  • Logo Vocarimex Gray

    Buy 24% stake in Vietnam Vegetable Oils Industry Corporation.

  • Img Haohao

    Entering into the Foods & Flavor industry with the first product Dai Gia Dinh instant noodles.

  • Kinhdo 20nam

    20th anniversary of establishment.

  • Img Lien Ket

    Formed a partnership with Ezaki Glico (Japanese Candy company).

  • Chang Duong Nam 2010

    KDC, NKD, KIDO'S merged in to Kinh Do corporation.

  • Img Muacophanvina

    Taking over a majority of Vinabico shares.

  • Img Kdc

    First establishment on the stock market.

  • Chang Duong Nam 2004 2

    Northern Kinh Do has its first establishment on the stock market.

  • Chang Duong Nam 2003

    Taking over Wall’s factory.

  • Img Kido

    Established KIDO'S.

  • Logo Kinhdo

    The establishment of Northern Kinh Do branch.

  • Img Banhtrungthu

    Showcase mooncake products.

  • Logo Kinhdo

    The establishment of Kinh Do.