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KIDO Corporation, formerly Kinh Do Corporation, was established in 1993 and has become one of the leading Food & Flavor companies in Vietnam. In its 22-year history, KIDO Group has remained the market leader in confectionary across a wide array of products such as sponge cake, bread, moon cake, cookie and ice-cream under the Kinh Do brand name. Leveraging the existing foundation, KIDO aims to maintain our market leader position in ice-cream, dairy and dairy related products and expand our product portfolio into the staple food category with instant noodle, spices, sauces, cooking oil, coffee and packaged food to take care of the Vietnamese kitchen and meet customers’ needs throughout the day. With a solid financial position and competitive advantages honed in the combination of well-established distribution channels, manufacturing capability, branding and sales strategy, KIDO is step by step realizing its vision to become the premier Food & Flavor company in Vietnam and regional.



Create life’s flavors through wholesome, healthy, and nutritious products and be the most recognized company in Vietnam and South East Asia by all stakeholders.



To identify and produce affordable food, snacks, beverages and to meet daily needs of consumers. Our products are pioneering market-leading, healthy, satisfying and conveniently available to our consumers.


To create sustainable value for supply chain partners through innovative food products which address consumer demand trends and exceed consumer expectations. We aim to provide equitable returns for all and also contribute to improving processes both in productivity and qualitative output, for sustainable development.


To nurture and develop the skills and capabilities of our people to meet the professional demands of their work and satisfy their personal needs. In this way we create a KIDO family that is home to dynamic, creative, and innovative people. KIDO is the company that can elevate an individual’s ambitions and professional skills, through a corporate culture based on teamwork and mutual enrichment.


To contribute to the communities in which we operate through sponsorship programs and targeted community development activities. We aim at becoming a leader of progress for Vietnamese society. Our impact is not only commercial, we also embrace social responsibility.


To allocate capital in order to maximize shareholder value over the long-term and to manage risk in order to give certainty and confidence that investments in our business can achieve our shareholder’s goals.

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Our story