Aside from these expansion goals, KIDO is also acutely aware of its social responsibility. Its commitment in this field is evident across the board; from manufacturing and product promotions, to ensuring its employees’ rights and benefits.


Operating a quality standard management system to produce high quality products and protect the environment is the evidence affirming our awareness and responsibilities towards community and consumers.

KIDO products are produced by modern integrated manufacturing line powered by advanced European technologies (Italia, Netherlands, Denmark). KIDO has applied for several quality management systems such as the ISO 14001-2005 on Environmental Management; the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series – OHSAS 18001-2008; the ISO 9001-2008 on Quality Management; the ISO 22000-2010 on Food Safety Management; and the Total Quality Management (TQM). KIDO is one of the first enterprises in Việt Nam's foodstuff industry to build factories based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) – a system that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. The GMP covers all aspects of production; from starting materials, premises and equipment, to staff training and personal hygiene, so all KIDO products satisfy the toughest food safety and quality requirements.

Moreover, KIDO is always aware of its responsibilities and strictly follows production standard moto “green, clean and friendly to the environment”. Thus, KIDO always prioritizes the use of clean ingredients while deploying energy saving devices. PRODUCT QUALITY

To KIDO, the definition of product quality entails producing not only tasty but also healthy products for consumers. By continuously searching for stable sources of raw materials that are safe and of high quality, as well as putting investment in R&D, we have been making many new outstanding products that are delicious, healthy and nutritious to meet and exceed the rising expectations of consumers.


Proud success of KIDO is reflected not only in the positive financial performance with sustainable growth but also in having been able to create a positive impact on society, having ongoing trust and support from partners, shareholders, consumers and employees throughout our journey. Consumers trust and use products of KIDO because we have always proved ourselves as high quality and society responsibility through our active participation in community service and contribution for a better society. Partners and investors believe in KIDO because we always operate with ethics as a core value.


KIDO believes that an organization will only be able to have sustainable growth when operating in a sustainable environment. We have always emphasized awareness in abiding by the requirements for producing evironmentally-friendly products. Our effort in protecting the environment has been recognized and praised by local authorities and local community.

+ Operations management in accordance with international standards such as ISO 14001-2005, OHSAS 18001-2008, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 22000-2010...

+ Aligning environmental protection standards to the KPIs of each individuals; regular training for employees to develop awareness about the environment and practice environmental incidents response drills.

+ Strictly observing environmental protection regulations and standards (maintaining grade-A waste water, good environmental monitoring, ecofriendly fuel such as diesel or natural gas with low levels of pollutants, investing in inverters for highpower equipment, replacing lighting equipment by solar-powered LED lights, reducing waste water and reusing processed waste water, etc.)


To identify and produce affordable food, snacks, beverages and to meet daily needs of consumers. Our products are pioneering market-leading, healthy, satisfying and conveniently available to our consumers.


To create sustainable value for supply chain partners through innovative food products which address consumer demand trends and exceed consumer expectations. We aim to provide equitable returns for all and also contribute to improving processes both in productivity and qualitative output, for sustainable development.


To nurture and develop the skills and capabilities of our people to meet the professional demands of their work and satisfy their personal needs. In this way we create a KIDO family that is home to dynamic, creative, and innovative people. KIDO is the company that can elevate an individual’s ambitions and professional skills, through a corporate culture based on teamwork and mutual enrichment.


To contribute to the communities in which we operate through sponsorship programs and targeted community development activities. We aim at becoming a leader of progress for Vietnamese society. Our impact is not only commercial, we also embrace social responsibility.


To allocate capital in order to maximize shareholder value over the long-term and to manage risk in order to give certainty and confidence that investments in our business can achieve our shareholder’s goals.