Addition of essential nutrients is the way to protect your health and keep fit figure.

The busy life with quick meals, computer works… plus maternity make women loose fit figures after the age of 30. However, the body will recover the fit body if you provide sufficient nutrients including calcium, fibrous matters, and vitamins, ect…

Nutrient is fundamental for the health

To better care the health, the first advice is to eat moderately, not to quit any meals, especially breakfast. Many people excuse that they are too busy to prepare breakfast. You should not stick yourself with “lack of time” though but be flexible to protect your health. For example, you can prepare some small packs of cakes to eat on the way to work or in preparation to work. They are your “savior” when you are hungry or have to concentrate for work or stay up late for work.

It is important to eat the right meal, since when you are hungry, your body will defense by stimulating you to eat more in following meals. Therefore, regular meal quitting or abstaining can also make you gain weight. In addition, you should add essential nutrients including calcium, vitamin D and fibrous matters. According to recommendations of nutrient experts, Vitamin B, calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, Fibrous matter and Omega flat are six nutrient groups necessary for women to have fresh skin, healthy and fit body.

Role of calcium, Vitamin D and fibrous matters

In addition to calcium, each AFC series is added with typical nutrients. For example, AFC original is added with Vitamin D that helps the body to absorb Calcium; Hi-Fibre is added with fibrous matters helping the digestion system to operate well and keep fit. AFC Western is rich with DHA that enhance the thinking potentiality and memory. AFC Active is added with Vitamin E that makes the fresh skin; AFC Plain with low sugar amount to protect cardiovascular. Let’s see the nutrient table on the new pack of AFC to select the nutrients for you!

Calcium, Vitamin D and fibrous matters Can-xi, vitamin D are indispensable, especially for women.

Calcium is the component to crate fundamental frame. They stimulate bone development and prevent bone wear. Calcium is also important for women since they experience pregnancy, birth and child rearing.

Therefore, calcium demand of women is higher than men.

According to the latest research of Doctor Michael Zemel (Tennessee University, America), calcium may be converted into energy and burn the excessive flat rather than deposit in the body. Moreover, they can push up the flat heating inside the body.

Vitamin D is a factor to facilitate the body to absorb calcium from foods and necessary for the activity of thyroid gland. They also act as skin protector.

Fibrous matters help to moderate the operation of digestion system, to reduce the absorption of cholesterol (the flat resulting in aortosclerosis). Therefore, the addition of fibrous matters is a secrete to keep fitness for women.

How to amend calcium, fibrous matters and vitamins necessary for the body?

There are many ways; however, the addition by food may be the easiest. You only need to choose nutritious foods including fish, vegetable, milk, fruits…

Another way is that you can eat AFC that is provided with nutrients good for the health including calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, fibrous matters, ect … This is an attractive suggestion since you can eat a delicious snack nutritious to your health. AFC has various flavors for your choices

By TT & GĐ Newspaper