Together with lunar New Year, Mid Autumn is the Vietnamese second important festival in the year. The most beautiful moon season is the time when family members gather to strengthen the relationship with partners, customers and friends, etc. Mid Autumn cakes become the extremely meaningful present for people to express their sincere feeling. Mid Autumn- Festival of love.

With the aim at strengthening the friendly fellowship, Vietnamese families always put special attention to the presents on the occasion of Mid Autumn to give to their beloved people or to taste with family and friends in the full moon night. The Mid Autumn is not so close to the Lunar New year; therefore, it is the time to show the sincere feelings to partners, colleagues and staffs; or to represent the gratitude or sincerity with the wish for the closer relationship.

Moon cake market of this year is busy and varied with the availability of various brands and special product series for customers’ choice. How to buy high quality, luxurious, delicious and good-for-health cakes to enjoy or give as a present is the concern of most of families when the Mid Autumn arrives.

Selection of delicious Mid Autumn moon cake

Delicious cakes must firstly ensure the food hygiene and safety standard. They must be products of well-known brand with clear origin manufactured by prestigious companies with strict standards in quality, food hygiene and safety.

The first thing to be considered when buying Moon cakes is to select the products of good condition package. Moreover, the images and logo of manufacturers must be sharp; while the package should be printed with necessary information including cake code stamp, stuffing, and information about manufacturers, manufacturing location, ingredients, manufacturing date, expiry date, usage and storage instruction.

Regarding tasting purpose, you should select the products of your favor. If you prefer moreish flavor of traditional cake, you should buy mixed stuffing cakes such as Chinese sausage, jambon roasted chicken and so forth.

Each delicious cake is carefully selected to enjoy with the family, or to give to partners, relatives, teachers, friends and so forth in the Mid-Autumn to improve and strengthen the close relation and share the warm and sweet period of time on the occasion of Mid Autumn – Festival of Love.

Did you know?

In Mid Autumn 2011, Kinh Do continued investing in eight premium Trang Vang gift sets including  Wealth, Great Blessing, Prosperity, Elegance, Eminence, Sophistication and Excellence with rare and healthy ingredients and luxurious and impressive design to meet absolute demand for taste and senior gifts. Concerning about the health of consumers, this year witnessed Kinh Do’s breakthrough recorded in the Mid-Autumn product series with sweet reduction formula to offer better Moon cakes to consumers.

Especially, Green- cakes manufactured from 100% natural plant ingredients with pure and healthy flavor firstly introduced in this Mid Autumn would bring about perfect and good-for-health Moon cakes for vegetarians, people on diet or people preferring pure flavor.


By Young Fashion