From an initial small factory, after 20 years, Kinh Do has seen major developments:

The milestones marked the growth of Kinh Do

In 1993, anticipated new business opportunities, Kinh Do – which at that time was just a small factory with over 70 workers - invested in importing an advanced production line to produce snack product at reasonable prices and suitable with the tastes of Vietnam consumers

This bold but strategic decision was an important stepping stone for Kinh Do to conquer the market.

Over the past 20 years, Kinh Do consistently built additional factories and invested in many new production lines to produce cookies, cake, fresh bread, moon cakes, crackers, ice cream, yogurt ... Up until now, Kinh Do brand has appeared in hundreds of product types with many are currently the market-leading brand. Moving forwards, the company will look to expand toward nutritional and essential products.

Vice President of Vietnam Ms. Nguyen Thi Doan award the Second Class Labor Medal to the management team of Kinh Do

In 2000, North Kinh Do was established which marked the presence of Kinh Do network across the country. In 2004, another bold move was made by the leaders of Kinh Do: raising capital on the stock market. Through this decision, the North Kinh Do Food Processing JSC was officially listed on HOSE and in 2005, Kinh Do Corporation was also officially listed on the trading floor with trading code of KDC. These move caused many great changes to the company.
Since then, Kinh Do continuously received large investments from major investment funds which marked the transition to a period where Kinh Do accelerated and expanded to the current scope. Most recently in 2012, Kinh Do established a partnership with Ezaki Glico - a prestigious company from Japan.

The development of Kinh Do is also significantly marked by many merger and acquisitions. From 10 years ago, using merger and acquisition (M & A) strategy as a leverage to accelerate growth as well as to expand its categories presence both in width and depth, Kinh Do was one of the very first players. Kinh Do since then completed series of collaboration with both prestigious local and international partners. In 2003, Kinh Do acquired Wall's ice cream factory from Unilever and established Kido Company.

During 2010-2012, Kinh Do Corporation merged with North Kinh Do, Kido and Vinabico KDC to shape a new strategic direction at the group scale.

Accelerate by M&A

From an initial factory, Kinh Do Corporation expanded to 5 companies with 4 factories specialized in confectionary, ice cream - milk and milk products with modern technology and quality management system of international standards.

The company’s distribution network covering the whole country with over 300 distributors and 200,000 points of sale for the confectionery and cold channel products. It can be said that Kinh Do brand has become a familiar, friendly and is the first choice brand of the majority of consumers. This is partly evidenced by the honor of Kinh Do brand to be voted as National Brands, Top 10 famous brands Vietnam, 17 consecutive years were voted as "Vietnam High Quality Products" ... In addition, the company also export to over 30 countries around the world.

In addition to confectionery product, Kinh Do is expanding toward nutrional and essential products

Looking back at the past 20 years of building a strong brand, Mr. Tran Le Nguyen, General Director of Kinh Do Corporation, shared: "the core element to the success of Kinh Do is that the company always understands and meets the demands of our consumers”. In particular, both quality and price are always carefully considered to be well received by the consumers.

Regarding to human resource management, Kinh Do was able to build a team of 8,000 employees who all are passionate and devoted to the company. Also, the vision, perseverance and determination of Kinh Do’s leaders are crucial factors that helped the company to seize opportunities and achieve its goals. Thus, though the economy was quite volatile in the past few years, Kinh Do still grew steadily using its core business.

After 20 years, Kinh Do has been able to not only grow in size but also build a strong foundation for future sustainable development. For the next stage, Kinh Do will focus on core business with the food & products essential strategy; emphasize M&A activities which seeks investment opportunities into companies that fit with the stated strategy and increase cooperation with partners bringing Kinh Do brand internationally.


Kinh Do Corporation just received Class Two of the Labor Medal. On this occasion, two founding members of Kinh Do: Mr. Tran Kim Thanh - Chairman and Mr. Tran Le Nguyen - Deputy Chairman and Group CEO are also honored to receive the Class Three of the Labor Medal.


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