On Oct. 8, 2008, an inspection was conducted at Hung Yen-based North Kinh Do by the inspection delegation for food hygiene and safety led by Health Ministry’s Chief Inspector, Ms Pham Thi Ngoc, Mr Le Manh Hung from the Bureau for Food Hygiene and Safety, Ms Tranh Minh Thanh  from  the Bureau for Quality Control, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Mr Tran Hoai Nam from the Institute of Nutrition.

The delegation met with Mr Tran Quoc Viet – Deputy General Director of North Kinh Do, representatives of the legal department and the lab and other departments of the company. This was an unnoticed inspection on food hygiene and safety at the companies and small businesses which trade in milk and products made from milk materials in Hanoi and the North.

The results showed that North KinhDo uses raw materials fully documented as required by law, sourced from Australia, Newzealand and Thailand. And at the same time, the company was sending samples of its products and raw materials to the Servicing Center for Analysis and testing, of HCMC Science and Technology Office for testing. The results indicated later that KinhDo's products were completely free from melamine contamination.