In order to review the business results in 2009 as well as announce strategic directions for the next three years (2010-2012) and business plan in 2010, Ki Do Joint Stock Company has recently held national customer meeting with the participation of all distributors, board of directors, Sales and Marketing department and representatives of relevant departments. This is an opportunity for leaders to listen and share the opinions of all distributors with the aims to build an appropriate and effective business plan on the basis of mutual cooperation and development. The meeting also marked a business year with very successful results.

Merino, Celano and yogurt Well Yo of Ki Do are currently on the top list in cream industry. Their products are quite familiar to consumers nationwide. The survey results from CBI market research in the past year showed that Merino cream was voted as the most favorite cream by more than 93% consumers. In particular, yogurt Well Yo is increasing at a rapid rate, forecasting that there is a very positive outcome in the coming years.

According to the plan, Kido’s goals are to reach 412 billion dong in revenue in 2010, increase more than 43% compared to 2009. Summing up their operation activities after the first quarterly of 2010, turnover has achieved 115% compared to the plan which is a positive result. Besides there are outstanding marketing activities such as branding /acting programs in the entertainment park, tourist resorts: Dam Sen, Dai Nam, Nguyen Hue Flower street... At the National Customer Conference, the company’s leaders and distributors also mutually determined and were committed to implement the program: promote emulation selling plans to achieve and reach the highest reward, strive to become the prominent distributor in the company.

Kido has the outperformed production line in comparison with other enterprises in the same industry, professional systems in frozen distribution industry spreading throughout the country, all resources are operated basically from research to  manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales with strong support from Kinh Do Corporation, Ki Do has assured their customers that they will not only lead in the cream industry but also continue to expand its business into other food commodities in Vietnam.