2010 passed with various fluctuations of the global financial and monetary post-crisis: VND continued to be subject to depreciation pressure and increase of domestic inflation; while the world was facing with global monetary fights, etc. moreover, the consecutive impacts of natural disasters and floods in the central region results in great loss in human and properties. the enterprises in the storm of post-crisis were subject to various pressures in maintaining jobs for employees, more violent competitions in terms of revenue, growth, profit, and how to maintain operation.

Upon the review of the first six months in 2010, North Kinh Do Food JSC really perceived huge impacts. The buying power of the market was not as high as expected. Programs were continuously achieved with high revenue. The price of materials was subject to consecutive increase due to the impact of the mark up in the early year. Sales staffs failed to work as effectively as expected, etc The output of the first six months of the year only reached 305 billion VND, accounting for 13% of growth rate against the same period of the previous year and 89% of the plan.

With the desire to change and determination to overcome difficulties, North Kinh Do Food JSC  had drawn a lesson and overcome current difficulties. The collaboration and desire to change were the factors to implement and realize the objectives. Consensus, collaboration of the collective, and the care of management officers would obviously lead to success. The Management Board of North Kinh Do Food JSC was brave and bold in action, successfully overcoming all barriers and difficulties from re-structuring sales staffs, building the working initiative and momentum through training and applying new policies and timely reward; to implement various important improvements of cost group and management group such as development of the regulation procedures, cost reduction, innovation of  distributor service, customer services and so forth ready to support human resource for Growth group aiming at the market. The achievements were meritorious. The summing up of third quarter of 2010 released the revenue of 353 billion VND, increase of 54% against the same period of the previous year and 11% higher than that in the plan, in which, the most noticeable was the success of Mid Autumn 2010 with the revenue of 123 billion VND, increase of 67.5% compared with the previous year. The corporation managed to build completely overwhelming position with the rivals. This was also the highest achievement that North Kinh Do Food JSC has ever made.

Therefore, by the end of the third quarter of 2010, the revenue of North Kinh Do Food JSC  reached 658.2 billion VND, ensuring the growth rate of 31%. Aiming at the 10th year establishment ceremony, and 1000 years of Thanh Long – Ha Noi, North Kinh Do Food JSC set the target of 1,000 billion VND of revenue in 2010. Thanks to the collaboration and high determination, as well as effective market-oriented business solutions, this target was feasible.

In addition to changes in business and production operations, it was necessary to mention about changes in personnel mechanism to bring about new breeze in terms of working style, manner and effectiveness. North Kinh Do Food JSC reduced 5% personnel to obtain more effectiveness from human resource restructure. 18 training courses were organized for management level and staff level to improve knowledge to outperform the work requirements in new situation. Moreover, contesting movements were promoted to call collaboration and desire to change in all staffs of the company. For example, the 5S competition program, initiative program, material loss reduction program, excellent sales staff program, etc was recognized with positive results. The working environment of the company was inspired with new breath, activeness and effectiveness, aiming at the professionalism.

Continuing the achievements in the third quarter, the objective of fourth quarter of North Kinh Do Food JSC focused on increasing market share, ensuring average growth rate of 25 - 40%/year. The target revenue was 1,000 billon VND to welcome 10th year anniversary. On the basis of good exploitation of the current market segment, the luxury market was penetrated and developed by brand, product and service quality. The operation of company was restructured in professional and effective manner basing on the systemization of management, personnel qualification and modern technologies. Civilized and healthy working environment was built to satisfy all working demands and expectations in order to promote the creativity and devotion of all employees.

The Tet season, the final competition in 2010 provided with three-point strategy of the company’s management board (Penetration, competition and innovation) was daily being implemented. We were unanimous with the spirit of collaboration and desire to change. Congratulation on the achievements of North Kinh Do Food JSC with the aim at new success as the special present welcoming the 10th year anniversary of North Kinh Do Food JSC dated 15th  December 2011.