With the objective of popularizing trade mark and affirming social responsibility of the enterprise for the community, in the middle of February, Kinh Do and Ki Do Companies coordinately sponsored Nguyen Hue Flower Street in the year of seventh Heaven’s Stem of Tiger 2010. This year, with the topic of “Sunrise Spring”, Nguyen Hue Flower Street served urban citizens, domestic and international sightseers in 7 days from 28th December to 4th January (1 day more than in 2009), with over 1 million of sightseers. This year, Organization committee popularized the flower street very early by holding press conference, broadcasting reportage, news and gonfalons about the flower street on main roads. On gifts, logos of sponsors are designed solemnly, giving honor to co-sponsors. Especially, on days close to Tet holiday, on all main roads, trade mark of Kinh Do were widely popularized to urban citizens by over 200 gonfalons popularizing the flower street on main roads and 06 panels at Nguyen Hue crossroads. On the flower street, in harmony with beautiful and bright space of gorgeous flower, Kinh Do trade mark was also introduced solemnly at convenient positions popularizing to sightseers but still guaranteeing overall harmony and beautiful looking of the flower street.

In addition, one of remarkable successes of main sponsorship activities on Nguyen Hue flower road is the participation of such firms as Merino, Well Yo with lively propaganda and outstanding increase in sales of Ki Do. In comparison with the plan, actual sales increased 182%, which was assessed as a great success of Ki Do when participating in Nguyen Hue Flower Street. Propaganda activities, with pavilions invested well in terms of booth, ice cream refrigerator, sequence of programs with the topic “Enjoy Tet holiday with teenage style, Enjoy Spring endlessly” of Merino, attracted lots of sightseers, especially teenagers. Roller-skating groups with games of teenage style such as “Merino moments”, “Rousing with Merino”, “Merino rhythm” and “Merino banger sound” not only brought highly enthusiastic moments for the youth but also contributed to lively atmosphere of the flower street in spring.

With the characteristics of products for children, Well Yo carried out programs friendly with kids with the topic “Vietnamese Infant Prodigy and Well Yo welcome New Year of Tiger”. Intelligent games such as “Well Yo mathematics page”, “Well Yo literature page”, “Well Yo intelligence page” or “Well Yo singer” together with four infant prodigies Mouse, Ox, Tiger and Cat brought exciting and useful moments for kids. In addition, nice Well Yo bubbles also made kids really excited.

Acting as main sponsor for several years for Nguyen Hue Flower Street – one of special cultural events concerned by leaders, citizens of the city and domestic and international sightseers, once again affirmed the commitment and social responsibility of the company in contributing to bring special cultural festival to the community.