At the end of May, two day periodic meeting of Sales Department was a special useful occasion for Sales Supervisor and other departments of the company with the training course Team Building “TOGETHER, WE WIN”. Through collective games, scenario solving brainstorming, teamwork building activities, etc. the participants of the training “TOGETHER, WE WIN” were not only trained and improved the working skills but also enhanced the supportive spirit:


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Sales Conference - TOGETHER, WE WIN

Company Board of Management and Sales Supervisor team covering from Quang Binh to Ca Mau province and representatives of other departments in company were ready for Sales Conference meeting. The atmosphere of meeting seemed to be more dynamic with the image of the new brand of Tribeco Green Tea – Flowers Taste covering the lobby, meeting hall as well as entrance gate. The spirit TOGETHER, WE WIN was also enthusiastically supported by Sales team via their uniforms and  determination for the launching campaign of the Flowers Green Tea on 06/06.

Before the official meeting, everyone had an exciting chance to meet Mr. Nguyen Quoc Nam – Vice General Director of HR, a high level member who had just joined Kinh Do team. Each Sales Supervisor of each market that defined with its own features and strengths proud to spell loudly his key brands in his market as a greeting & introduction about his market. “The Central – Solite”, “The East – AFC”, “Ho Chi Minh City – Aloha”, “The Mekong Delta – Cosy Marie” or MT team – the only “long-hair team” in Sales Department also bravely demonstrated that there were not inferior to male colleagues in GT channel with the slogan “MT – Korento”.

An interesting surprise, with the meaning of encouragement, care and appreciation from Board of Management for Sales Team was the awarding prizes for Sales Supervisor, RSM in GT channel and MT who obtained highest monthly and quarterly sales revenue. Information about the awarding prizes were kept confidentially by Organization Committee, which made everyone excited, surprised, happiness and pride for the awarded persons

Besides the sharing from Board of Directors, managers of departments and other representative also shared ideas in the Sales Conference. In this meeting, Board of Management specially concentrated on the role of Sales Team as well as the coordination with other departments within company. Growth was a key focus for the next 10 years of Kinh Do with 3 key strategies:

Growth: grow continuously and continuously.

Differentiate: Kinh Do is a leading and pioneer enterprise in many product categories. The differentiation will be the important strategy to upgrade Kinh Do’s brands to fulfill consumers in higher segment in order to maintain its 1st position in market.

Kinh Do must be a quick organization: quick in operating, thinking, making decision, and acting. Each member must think faster, immediately takes opportunities. The company must be an effective running system in order to finish the strategy of company for next 10 years.

With the model of SBU, Sales Team is important part of growth group. Role of the growth group is to grasp opportunities quicker than their competitors, create trend for consumers, to build barriers with competitors. In daily business activities, Sales team must closely coordinate with Marketing, R&D departments. With the new operation model, we can recognize the roles of each team and departments, the success could only come true with the best coordination of all of members of Kinh Do family.

In the meeting, Mr. Tran Kim Thanh – Chief Executive Officer also shared with everyone about the value of time and the value of devoting via living and working in their life: “Our life is only perfect if we can find the passion in our work”. We must quickly take opportunity to demonstrate our ability as well as the values we contribute to the company – It is victory spirit of each individual in an organization. With the slogan “Together We Win”, each employee must understand the meaning of each word in Together, We Win. Victory does not always mean a big thing, it can be an accumulated small things: from opening 1 more outlet, helping an unsuccessful sales staff to become a successful one, from partial covering market to complete covering the market, or transfer a normal product to the most favorite product in the market. Big success comes from series of a small success.

“if each person keeps his commitment to himself, no promise or determination is stronger. Together we win. All of us must together win, all of us must complete the objective of Kinh Do. It is the spirit of “Together, We Win” which we are moving towards” – The above appeal of Mr. Tran Kim Thanh urges and encourages all employees of Kinh Do to fight for the success of plan to which they are committed with the highest enthusiasm and determination.

Kinh Do – an organization, an enterprise, a prestige image, was recognized by the government and the community. This is a proud achievement of Kinh Do for over the 16 years of development, in which, Sales team – the frontier soldiers in the market plays an important role, those who bring products to every place where consumers can reach and bring high revenue to the company.

Such efforts and values created by the Sales team are always recognized by Board of Management. This makes a significant contribution to Kinh Do in order to maintain its leading position and to be recognized by the government and consumers as a great trademark and a large scale organization at present.

In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Do Dong Huy – Sales Development Senior Manager presented some new operating models and policies for sales team. This was one of expected contents of the meeting. This information provided more energy and spirit to Sales team due to the attracts of policy to encourage sales team attract more talents from outside to Kinh Do.

Representatives of Watea, Yami, Scotti brands had presented new products to sales team about the target consumers, selling price and discount policies, product displaying and support activities for the launching products to market.

With the sharing of brand managers and supporting programs, we expect that sales revenue of above products will meet our plan target.

Team Building - TOGETHER, WE WIN

The red color of the uniforms of the participants carrying the message “TOGETHER, WE WIN” seemed to bring more enthusiasm for the team building training. The weekend morning seemed to be more interesting when everyone had opportunity to live in the nature environment with many exciting challenges coming. Team work spirit, Together, We Win spirit was quickly demonstrated by teams through team names, slogans, towards objectives of all participants. In harmony with the excitement of everyone, atmosphere of Team Building session seemed to be hotter with the supportive weather, but every member was enthusiastic, unanimous to overcome challenges to win, for the prestige of their teams. Especially, with two challenges “Work out: remove barrier – ahead towards the future” and “Presentation the strategies how to remove barrier and make decision”, the sales team had chance to share with Board of Management the real problems they are facing and recommended solutions to do. By that, Board of Management had chance to update the real market situation and gave commence to their recommended strategies. Besides the challenges of brainstorming and teamwork actions, Team Building program also created many relaxing, comfortable and dramatic moments when teams were unanimous to overcome the challenge “Kinh Do Maze” or enthusiastically did the exercise in cheery laughers and thorny moments, “kidnapped” the referee in order to win in the game of reading and memorizing funny songs the quickest.

Adding more energy after the friendly lunch and one hour of rest, teams continued to experience challenges with not less lively ebullient atmosphere than in the morning. Collective games, challenges for training teamwork spirit, patience, determination such as “Vital code”, “Longest string”, “Terrific speed movement”, etc. were unanimously overcome by teams. After hard working moments of using both intelligence and effort to fulfill the tasks are smiling and hand holding together overcome the challenges. Team Building program was more impressive and full of feelings in the moments when all participants gathered and showed their pride and unanimity in the drum performance “Kinh Do Belief”.

After effort and determination to overcome challenges, teams won excellently. An important prize and value which everyone gained was teamwork spirit, relationship shared by all participants. It is not essential to be winner or leader, it is only important to overcome a challenge together, participants understood that they know the strength of teamwork that is a “weapon” for them to succeed. A day of Team Building program was not long, but interesting, useful and practical for the work, cooperation of members and fellows in Kinh Do family. With what they shared and experienced, TOGETHER, WE WIN spirit was not only showed by participants of Team Building training course but also spread and upheld among employees of Kinh Do, sales team, etc. so that in their work and activity, internal movement of the company will be ebullient, effective in compliance with the spirit: