An ice cream offers an ocean of surprises to teenagers – i.e., Celano.

Enjoy Celano to refresh everyday

Do you know that appetite will make us joyful, self-confident and more active", said by Ha Anh, a student from RMIT University.

As “loyal fan” of Celano luxury ice cream, she seems to eat ice cream every day. Moreover, Ha Anh is font of giving ice cream to close friends. She hopes that a pretty and cold ice cream will make her friends more joyful and lively.

Help teenagers to express words hard to say (by Celano)

Ms. Ngoc Khanh, first-year student of fine arts faculty remembers the new student welcome ceremony as the first time she met “that person”. Wheeling the bicycle to the university yard, she was collided by a female student without saying “sorry”. He was a hateful boy!

The following day, that guy was timid, standing in front of Khanh’s class and gave her a Celano ice cream. She could not understand why he knew her taste. After that, she changed her view about such hateful guy.

Now, he sends to her “three girl” group several Celano ice creams every two days including yogurt-mixed cranberry ice cream, macadamia coated vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream. For Ngoc Khanh, the moment of eating cold, sweet ice cream is meaningful.

Celano ice cream cup... hotgirl

“Celano accessories are cool and stylish”, Sam turned the pink strawberry ice cream cup together with “ton sur ton” of her brand dress.

Next to Sam, Tam is sucking a green yogurt ice cream cup with cranberry grains. She looks young and noticeable. Tam said that she loves this “accessory” since it helps her feel more comfortable as posing beautiful photos.

“New fashion collection of Celano ice cream cup with noticeable color, fine and luxurious images convinced her immediately.

Celano ice cream– different class

With impressive style, quality is evaluated as perfect “cauliflower” by our teenagers. Celano once again confirms its rank as a luxurious brand for youth with breakthrough in quality and taste. Celano luxury ice cream cup is added with fresh milk that is first seen in Vietnam to make a different flavor. Moreover, Chocolate ice cream cup is more attractive with the mixing of crispy almond grains to make even the most difficult girls to become “easy-going”.

Have you ever heard about Macadamia seeds from Australia, considered as the most expensive and nutritious seeds in the world so far? Have you ever tasted the seeds named as “Queen of seeds” in Celano Vanilla ice cream cups? It is more than wonderful!

Now, let’s discover Celano ice cream cups to enjoy the most wonderful moment in your own way!