Accompanying "Exam Season Supporting Program 2011" was launched from 07th June 2011 to 15th July 2011 to energize and motivate students from the provinces to Ho Chi Minh City to attend the University- College entrance examination before entering their important exam.

Scotti has supported "Exam Season Supporting Program 2011" with more than 50,000 Scotti Sandwich Pate, and 100,000 Ho Chi Minh City maps to serve students and student volunteers

This social activity was a meaningful support and Kinh Do’s bread & bun have continuously accompanied with the "Exam Season Supporting Program" in recent years with the desire to care and motivate students to outperform the exam, achieve the highest results and start a bright future.

The program was attended by over 2,000 students and volunteers.

The program focuses on the location where there are a lot of students taking the exam such as Student Assistance Center, Mien Dong Bus Station, An Suong Bus station, Thu Duc crossroad, Sai Gon station and 29 big examination places in Ho Chi Minh City such as University of Economics, University of Science and Technology, University of Technology and University of Natural Science, and so forth..