This time the evaluation was more improved and covered a bigger ground, analyzing and reviewing procedures and policies; monitoring schedules and records management objectively and intensively to make recommendations to the company for better management during integration and development.

"After 4 years of implementation of ISO 9001:2000 and many evaluations, we see that KinhDo North has satisfied the ISO system's requirements and its business administration and operation has seen various successes. Particularly obvious is the improvement in quality control and food safety. The company's strong points are that management and the departments have improved policies and procedures over the time to meet reality. Records are filed professionally and given particular care by management. And the team has been given full cooperation and careful reception.", said Mr Mai Duc Tuyen, team head.

Besides, the team also made useful comments on certain steps of the management process so that we can better manage the quality control system to suit new conditions.

On the program's conclusion Mr Tran Quoc Viet thanked the team for their objective and honest evaluations, which help the company better manage its ISO 9001:2000 quality control system and look forward to the newer version of ISO 22.000.