Over past time, people nationwide directed toward the Central region where local persons were struggling with two consecutive severe floods. By sharing the severe damages, difficulties and deprivation, Kinh Do Group visited and offered over 10 tons of bakeries, equivalent to 2,000 cake boxes, and worth of over 800 million VND. It aimed at contributing and sharing a part of difficulties and losses of local people in the flood areas of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces.

Two visits and sponsor campaigns were launched by Kinh Do to the flood area of the Central region. In the first visit, Kinh Do delegation came to provinces of Quang Tri and Quang Binh where were hit with the most severe impacts on people and physical damages, especially local people in the remote mountainous areas where were separated. They must shelter in the carve to avoid the flood. By getting in close contact with sponsoring in communes namely Quang Hai, Quang Van and Quang Minh (Quang Binh province), it was witnessed the devastation after the flood: rice fields were deeply immersed with an ocean of water, muddy soil was available almost everywhere, many houses were elapsed, fences of schools were collapsed, straws flown by the flood were overwhelmed every corner of the road.

The life of local people was still unstable after the raid of the flood. Although they were very busy with clearing, restructuring the houses, there was an expression of great sadness on their face due to the too great damages. Students regretted to stop the study because the school and classrooms were submerged with mud, chairs, desks and books were severely damaged due to flood water. Kinh Do aid trucks continued reaching communes of Hai Truong and Hai Tho of Quang Tri province. From the early morning, people waited to receive aid food in the Communal People's Committee. When mentioning the historical flood happened in the past time, it still made them shiver and worried that the flood would immerge many people in the flood ocean.

In the second visit and sponsor, Kinh Do delegation reached Nam Dan district, Nghe An province and districts of Huong Khe, Vu Quang and Can Loc- Ha Tinh province. The delegation directly visited such communes and offers the aid to the local people, especially children in the kindergarten, encouraged beneficiaries of social welfare and persons of small size family. The communes visited by Kinh Do aid delegation were those suffered from the most severe damages by the second consecutive historical flood.

Gifts of Kinh Do timely delivered to localities not only helped people supplementing the food sources in the separated days, living in insufficiency but it was also implied with the practical meaning and warm hearts of Kinh Do staffs sent to the dear Central region with all the best wishes to contribute to support the local people to energize to struggle with the severe flood, manage with the act of God, and re-stabilize the life.

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