Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is well regarded by Kinh Do since the date of establishment. The company management confirmed the important role CSR plays in the success of the company during the last 20 years. To date, these activities are even more meaningful.

Gone are the days when the consumers choose to only pay attention to either price or quality. Nowadays, when making a decision to buy a certain product, the consumers also pay much attentions to how the products were made,  the treatment of factory workers, the environmentally friendliness of products, and the payback of the company to the community.

Mr. Tran Le Nguyen, CEO of Kinh Do, said that the company managements were well aware of these concerns early on. Thus, Kinh Do has always actively involved with social responsibility program in both production and trading activities as a way of to share the "Taste of happiness" with the community.

Care for the employee

The main responsibilities that are key focuses of company management are employees policies. Aside from the attention on salaries and bonuses, work safety training, and training policies that help to promote employee development, the company also cared for the employee family benefits which helped staff focusing on his/her duties. During the glorious time of the stock market when stock prices increased continuously, the leader of Kinh Do created a policy of issuing bonus shares or selling shares at a discount that includes every employee even to the one held the lowest position in the company.

Kinh Do property that was built after 20 years, according to Mr. Nguyen, could not be accounted by only assets in monetary terms but more importantly the human capital. A team with over 8,000 staffs in coherent and enthusiastic devotion to the development of the company is a huge irreplaceable asset. Mr. Nguyen shared: "I'm glad to see that the company can bring prosperous life for thousands of workers and their sharing with the company always makes me feel warmer and stronger when looking forward ".

Then he spoke about a story that took place recently that deeply moved him. It occurred when the company intranet provided information about a sick employee that need the support of others to have a surgery. In just a mere few days later, the contributions of employees exceeded the needed amounts. "Kinh Do sustainable development is thanked to a loving and sharing team" Mr. Nguyen said.

To improve the level of management, specialized skills and technical for staffs and workers, Kinh Do also established Kinh Do training center at a early stage. The training center implemented many training programs in collaboration with reputable institutions as well as sent staff to attend training courses in both Vietnam and abroad. It can be said that thanked to the early investment strategy on human resource development that Kinh Do can achieved much successes in previous years.

The completed taste of happiness for consumers

With the mindset of  "only sell an assured quality product to the consumers", during the 20-year journey, Kinh Do restlessly seeked to secure safe and stable raw materials sources, made many investment into production lines with modern technology, created quality management system with high standards to ensure that Kinh Do products will meet the absolute requirements of  hygiene and food safety.

To be able to offer consumers full satisfaction, Kinh Do continuous invested in new equipment, machinery, and resources to innovate new products satisfying the increasing needs of consumers.

The taste of happiness when shared with the community

Not only succeed in the market, Kinh Do also made a deep impression in the heart of the community through its social activities contribution. Kinh Do brought the "flavor of happiness" to students by supporting the scholarships and competitions for students. The factory tours program for students and the "Management Trainee" program that the company is currently developing create ideal conditions for young talent to develop and learn valuable practical experiences.

Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association was established by Kinh Do since the early year is a clear testament of the company’s focus on community-oriented activities. Accompanying with the Fatherland Front Committee, Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association, Red Cross and other social organizations, Kinh Do brought joy to thousands of disadvantaged children, the poor households across the country during the Tet occasions by visits and meaningful presents.

Over the past 20 years, Kinh Do has contributed over VND 35 billion to social programs. Marking the 20th anniversary celebration last year, the company together with Ho Chi Minh Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association completed the 400,000th eye surgery for patients with difficult circumstances. Speaked about Kinh Do contriution to community activities, Mr. Tran Thanh Long - Chairman of HCMC Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association, said: "Over the years, Kinh Do is one of the companies that is very interested in community activities. For Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association, Kinh Do spent a lot of energy, sponsorings for the association’s activities such as eye surgery bringing light to the poor blind people in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, presented health insurance cards for the poor...”
According to Mr. Nguyen, the social responsibility activities of Kinh Do that first were shown through the products produced by the company has been rewarded by the faith, and support of the community to Kinh Doi brand during the last 20 years. This support helped the company to survive and constantly evolve through times. Sales and profits of the company also grew year by year even in time of economic difficulties in the past years thanked to such support as well.

According to Thời Báo Kinh Tế Sài Gòn