13 November, 2013

Sincerely regarded the love and appreciation of consumers in recent years, particularly to promote the voting results of Kinh Do ranked No. 2 in the Top 10 brands associated with the Lunar New Year (as announced by the market research company Millward Brown VN at early 2013), Kinh Do continued to invest in new and extraordinary product lines for this year's festival season. The variety of types, rich in designs with colorful image of lucky, cheerful and distinctive Tet, and the delicious taste of each product are superior properties of Kinh Do products for this Lunar New Year.

Product differentiation, excellence in quality and design, and brand reputation are distinct advantages of Kinh Do product. This year, Kinh Do continued to invest in its product to serve the market meeting the diverse needs of consumers from gifting, shopping, donation, enjoy and entertainment with 4 main product groups:

  • The 2014 Prosperity and Longitude New Year Gifts was specially introduced by Kinh Do this year with 4 boxes brought the greetings of Health – Prosperty for New Year with distinct cake flavor exclusively for Tet: cream milk biscuits, cream sandwiched cookies, coffee and cocoa butter cake.
  • Premium product line Korento cookies are produced from high-quality material imported from Europe serving the needs of enjoyments, and premium gifting. The products possess luxurious design which is appropriate for gifting purpose with the wishes of prosperity and good luck for New Year.
  • The Festive Cosy products with outstanding and diverse design were invested with higher quality and more packaging size from 300gr, 400gr, 500gr to 700gr. Products have many designs with distinctive shape of round tin can, square tin box , paper box ... meeting the gifting needs of consumers for this festive season.
  • The Choco Koko candy, AFC cracker, SOLITE cakes, Slide potato chips, Pocky snack... with many variations and packaging designs for Tet festival offers many options for consumers to enjoy, entertain or gift during Tet. These are also distinctive products that are indispensable in the Vietnamese New Year gift hamper.

In order to reassure consumers confidence and satisfaction when purchased a product with good reputation and quality at a reasonable price, Kinh Do, in addition to invest in improving the quality, and design of product, also strived to stabilize product price and only made minor adjustments of 1 to 2% for some items this year. To implement this policy, Kinh Do focus on the rationalization of the costs of production, and sales ... as well as sharing some of the costs, and profits in order to enjoy with the consumers the sweet taste of spring and both "Enjoy the Lunar New Year, endorse the traditions”.

Regarding to our business, this year Kinh Do focused on promoting Kinh Do products and Tet gift hampeers to corporates. The diversity of product categories suitable to a wide variety of consumers is an advatage of Kinh Do confectionery products. This is the reason why our products have always been the preferred choice for gifts hampers. In addition, Kinh Do pushed all distribution channels to reach and deliver products to the consumers as well as took the initiatives to bring Tet product to rural area to ensure consumers nationwide can enjoy Tet to the fullest. Thereby, Kinh Do desired to bring to the jubilant and boisterous Tet atmosphere as well as the sweet taste of spring to the consumers following our main message of "See Kinh Do See Tet".

Lunar New Year is the most important festival of the year with many beautiful and meaningful traditions of Vietnamese people. The perception that a fulfilled Tet will be the beginning of a new year filled with wealth and prosperity kept consumers demand for shopping and spending during New Year remaining at high level.

This year, we continued to serve the market with wide variety of products that are suitable for different type of consumers. Thus, the consumers could rest assured and enjoy reputable and high quality confectionery product at reasonable prices while enjoy to the fullest the traditional Tet festival. In particular, we had prepared and promoted our business during the festival season through a comprehensive investment on the quality and design of wide range of product lines as well as improving products display. In addition, we also expanded distribution channels to deliver products from urban to rural area serving consumers nationwide for the needs of enjoyment as well as gifting. This is our effort to help the consumers not to purchase low quality foreign products with vague origins. Due to a thorough preparation, we trust that Kinh Do products will provide our consumers with a sweet taste in the spirit of " Enjoy the Lunar New Year, endorse the traditions” during this Vietnamese Tet season.

Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Luân – Vice President of Kinh Do Group