27 August, 2011

The Moon cake market is exciting every day with a wide range of brands and various product series. How can we choose qualified products with food safety which is regarded as the most important criteria?

Experience in choosing delicious Moon cake

The first thing to be considered when buying Moon cakes is to select the products of good condition package. Moreover, the images and logo of manufacturers must be sharp; while the package should be printed with necessary information including cake code stamp, stuffing, and information about manufacturers, manufacturing location, ingredients, manufacturing date, expiry date, usage and storage instruction, etc.Then the cake color should be looked at. The delicious cake is dark yellow and crust is slightly soft and special flavor. Sharp pattern on the surface of cake and logo of the producer is clear. It suggests not to buy the damaged, torn packing or no packing, no specific manufacturer's name and unclear date of manufacture, expiry date, registration of quality standards.

To enjoy, user's taste should be taken into consideration when selecting the cake:

  • If the traditional strong flavor is preferred, the mixed stuffing should be selected as Jambon roasted chicken, mixed Chinese sausage, etc. If the favorite is sweet and nutty flavour of natural fruit seeds close to the taste of Vietnamese, the "soft" stuffing cake should be selected such as green beans, lotus seeds, green tea, lotus seeds, taro, coconut milk and so forth.
  • If you choose to give as gifts, in addition to the factors of quality, brand reputation, elegant and sophisticated design, buyers should chose complimentary gifts that suit with the receiver so that it can express your heart, sincere affection of the giver. With high demand for giving, you can choose Kinh Do’s Trang Vang product series with superior flavor and luxurious and refined design. Showing their interest in taste, health of the recipients, Green Moon Cakes are made from 100% natural plant material and an appropriate gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autum season 2011 witnessed 8 Kinh Do’s premium Trang Vang cake series namely Wealth, Great Blessing, Prosperity, Elegance, Eminence, Sophistication and Excellence with rare and healthy ingredients, as well as luxurious and impressive design to the highest satisfaction of luxury gifts.

In particular, Green-cake products that are made from 100% natural, pure and healthy ingredients introduced in this year’s Mid-Autumn season shall also offer interesting experience and taste for the complete mid-autumn festival for vegetarian, diet or other customers preferred the frugal bread.

Choose a reputable brand

In order to choose a qualified cake, a reputable brand should be selected in the market. According to Le Van Thinh - Deputy General Director in charge of Sales of Kinh Do Corporation, by putting special care about consumers’ health, Kinh Do always put on the top priority for the food safety, input control process including quality and origin and modern lines, the high quality products are released. In particular, the breakthrough with decreased sweet formulas for the product series this year shall provide better products with more delicious and less sweet flavor. Thanks to the diversified product structure, superior quality and design, Kinh Do’s predominance is successfully confirmed to best serve the demand for giving gifts and enrich the choice of consumers to enjoy complete flavor of the Moon Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the customers’ demand for choosing Moon products is increasingly paid with special attention. Choosing the delicious cakes and good quality to enjoy and offer shall enhance the significance for the perfect Mid-Autumn Festival – Festival of Love.

By Hoang Dung- Phu Nu Newspaper