30 December, 2013

From a small production facility with sales of only 10 billion in 1993, Kinh Do has rose to a scale of a Group with 5 subsidiaries and 4 factories specialized in candy, ice cream, milk and milk products with 8,000 employees. Sales of the company in 2013 were 500 times of sales in the first year. The story of this rapid development, to this day, has been considered a legend.

Breakthrough milestone

The story begins in 1993, when snacks “migrated” from Thailand, is rampaging in Vietnam market. Anticipated new business opportunities, Kinh Do – which at that time was just a small factory with over 70 workers - invested in importing an advanced production line to produce snack product at reasonable prices and suitable with the tastes of Vietnam consumers. This bold but strategic decision was an important stepping stone for Kinh Do development thereon.

Kinh Do sucesses on snack products opened a new opportunity with the strategy of diversifying product portfolio and affirmed the quality of a Vietnam brand. From 1996 to 2002 marked the rapid development of the company as Kinh Do consecutive build more factories and invested in more lines producing cookies, cakes, fresh bread, moon cakes, crackers, cakes, cream, yogurt. Currently, there are hundreds of Kinh Do products serving millions of consumers, out of which many are currently market-leading products. Moving forwards, the company will focus more on nutrional and essentials products.

After 20 years of development, Kinh Do also marked its pioneer position in the M&A field with a series of deals with both local and international partners. In 2003, the event of Kinh Do acquired Wall's ice cream factories from Unilever and established Kido company is a major breakthrough confirming the pioneer and dominant power of Kinh Do. This move marked the successes of the company in implementing two main strategies which were (1) seeking merger, partnership, and cooperation and (2) diversifying product portfolio. In 2010 and 2012, Kinh Do merged North Kinh Do, Kido and Vinabico into KDC shaping a new strategic direction on a group scale.

Continues to write new successful stories

After twenty years pursuing a mission of bringing "happiness" to people, Kinh Do brand has become the first choice of consumers and a symbol of Vietnam high quality product: 3 times was honored as National Brands, Top 10 famous brands in Vietnam, 17 years was voted as "Vietnam High Quality Products" ...

Looking back at the past 20 years having many remarkable achievements, the leaders of Kinh Do said: "the core element for Kinh Do successes are commitment of 8,000 staffs who are all dedicated and devoted to the development of the company as well as the modern management system. In addition, at Kinh Do, the leaders also possess passion, vision, and bold breakthrough ideas, Because of good management, despite economic volatility in recent years, Kinh Do still grew steadily by focusing on core business areas. "

20 years – taste of happiness thrive. In its new journey, Kinh Do will remain focus on core business following the Food and essential products strategy. The company will also push the M&A strategy to seek investment opportunities in companies that aligned with outlined strategy. In addition, Kinh Do will also expand its cooperations, joint ventures, and partnership with foreign partners with the objectives of conquering new records bringing the Kinh Do brand abroad.
Kinh Do Corporation was recently honored by the Party a Class Two Labor Medal acknowledging its business excellence and practical contributions to the country and the community. Kinh Do always stood at the top of those who contributed the most to the state budget. The company also shared the taste of happiness to the community with over 35 billion contributed to social programs. On this occasion, two founding members of Kinh Do Corporation who are Mr. Tran Kim Thanh - Chairman and Mr. Tran Le Nguyen - Deputy Chairman and Group CEO also received Class Three Labor Medal.


According to Moc Mien – Thanh Nien News