24 December, 2013

Celebrating 20 years of establishment, Kinh Do Corporation received Second Class Labor Medal awarded by the Party and State recognizing outstanding business results and practical contributions to the country and community. On this occasion, two founding members of the company which is Mr. Tran Kim Thanh - Chairman of the Board and Mr. Tran Le Nguyen - Vice Chairman and CEO of the group - was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal. At the celebration of 20 years of establishment, Kinh Do also awarded VND 2 billion to social organizations, out of which VND 1 billion awarded to the Child Protection Fund of Vietnam, VND 500 million to the Fund for the Poor of Ho Chi Minh Fatherland Front Committee, and VND 500 million to Ho Chi Minh Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association.

At the 20 year anniversary celebration, Kinh Do award VND 2 billion to social organizations out of which VND 1 billion is awarded to Child Protection Fund of Vietnam

Kinh Do for the past twenty years dedicated to bring the taste of happiness to consumers. Started out as a small initial factory, Kinh Do became a group with five member companies, and four factories specialized in confectionary, ice cream, milk and milk products. The group possessed modern technology and high quality management system and was considered the most efficient company in the Vietnam confectionary industry. With VND 35 billion contributed to social and charity activities in the past 20 years, the taste of happiness that Kinh Do brought is not only high quality products preferred by consumers but also social activities that the company was always interested in.

Kinh Do Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association was established right from the first year the company operated as a clear testament of the board of directors toward community activities . Accompanying with the Fatherland Front Committee, Sponsoring for Poor Patients Association, Red Cross and other social organizations, Kinh Do brought joy to thousands of poor children, families with difficult circumstances across the country during holidays, and Tet with meaningful gifts. After twenty years bringing the taste of happiness to consumers, Kinh Do became a familiar and friendly brand and was the first choice of consumers. Kinh Do brand also became a symbol of Vietnam high quality product with 3 times honored as National Brands, Top 10 famous brands in Vietnam, and 17 years were voted as “Vietnam High Quality Products “...

Sharing about company development orientation after the landmark 20 years anniversary, Mr. Tran Le Nguyen said: "In the next journey, Kinh Do will focus on core business of food and essential products to continue bringing happiness to consumers. In addition, the company will boost merger and acquisition activities seeking opportunities to invest in companies in accordance with company development strategy. Meanwhile, the company will also expand through joint ventures, and partnership bringing the Kinh Do brand abroad.

To strengthen internal resources, the company will continue to improve and enhance its corporate governance systems maintaining a professional operating system in order to be ready to integrate with global partners. "Twenty-year journey to bring the taste of happiness to consumers promised breakthrough achievements with Kinh Do brands marked along the way. Looking ahead, the internal resources and scale that Kinh Do successfully built will be a solid launch pad for the company to develop during the next journey with a strategy of bringing the brands abroad.

According to Báo Công An