6 September, 2011

For food business, profit before tax in the six months reached 51.9 billion VND, increase of 70% compared to that in the same period of last year.

The semi-annual consolidated financial statements were released to shareholders by Kinh Do Corporation (MCK: KDC). Accordingly, in the first six months of the year, net revenue and gross profit reached 1,512.7 billion VND and 529.3 billion VND, respectively. Compare to the same period in 2010, it recorded the increase in net revenue and gross profit of 158% and  221%, respectively. According to the KDC, the sales volume in the first 6 months of the year increased 22% over the same period. Financial activities were lost 39.8 billion VND, compared to the same period of last year the financial activities brought back 385.8 billion VND.

Net profit reached 50.3 billion VND, profit before tax reached 51.9 billion VND. KDC unveiled  that only the main business activities – i.e confectionery, ice cream and other products, in the first six months of the year profit before tax from business activities was 90 billion VND, increase of 70%.

The consolidated profit after tax in the first 6 months reached 31.8 billion VND in which profit after tax for shareholders of parent companies reached 27.3 billion VND.

The main categories leading in the market

The key product categories with market leader position that contributes great scale in total revenue are growing very fast. New product development activities as well as launch and re-launch programs were performing well in 2011.

Bread & Bun: to be the market leader. Net sales increased 44%, gross profit increased 80% due to restructuring product, controlling cost effectively. Improving the quality of milk sandwich products helps increase turnover of 70%. New products namely Scotti and Sanwich with 2 super soft slices have been successfully launched and contributions significant to turnover and profit.

Cracker: to be the market leader with 30% of market share - increase of 2.4%, with market coverage of 31% - increase of 5%. revenue and gross profit increased 97% and 96%, respectively. In which, AFC and Cosy are two key brands that to be re-launched and obtained high growth rate.

Wafer: revenue and gross profit increase 91% and 59%, respectively. Its growth rate is always stable due to the re-launch strategy, renovation continuous for Minity snack and Finery wafer and with the investment in machine for expanding capacity and improving quality as well as invest for building premium product brand.

Cookies: to be the market leader with 27% of market share, 58% of market coverage and 36% of revenue increase. Premium Korento products are re-launched with quality improvement through comprehensive investment in modern equipment lines, increasing the product portfolio, increasing market coverage and penetration that help increase the revenue and contribution to the total revenue of the groups. 

Cream and Yogurt: Its revenue and gross profit increased 51% and 42%, respectively. In this period, KDC has launched successfully Merino Cool Salted Lemon Series for Kids, continued to maintain its market share in ice cream and yogurt segment. This is an important plaform for