31 August, 2011

…This afternoon coming from work, I have just entered the house and my husband asked” Did you remember Ms. Nguyet who was an excellent student and stayed at our home to train for the University entrance examination five years ago? She graduated and went to work now! A moment ago, she visited and informed the good news that the company assigned her to go overseas studying and gave gift of Moon cake box... She was so sentimental.

Heard my husband talk, taking the box on my hand, I suddenly smiled, touched and recalled a lot of memories. It is said that "sincerity is the best gift" and it is true. In life, we give and receive. On every occasion the Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year reunion, I received a sincere affection and warmth love…

(Quoted from Nguyen Thi Hong Mai s‘blog, Tan Binh District

The nice stories like yellow moonlight

It turns out that five years ago when she read newspaper, Mai was very touched by Nguyet’s story who was born in a very poor family and the best student in the district school with the desire to study at the University. Mai asked the editorial office to get Nguyet’s address on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, she called for her husband to come there and request help her to stay at her house to train for the University Entrance Examination.

She still remembered to bring cake box when visiting Nguyet’s house to give her parents. Under the moonlight in a rural area, people ate cake and laughed together, optimistically discussed about Nguyet’s future goals. The student with brightened and radiant face as moonlight eagerly opened her heart: "I just wish one day I graduate, go to work and earn money, I myself will buy a moon cake to invite my parents, uncle and the people I love most ..."

That lovely dream comes true now. When taking the Moon cake pack carefully, Ms. Mai felt the deepest gratitude, the sincere heart and loving wishes that she sent to her family: a splendid Moon Festival, luckiness, great success and perfect affection.

Strengthening the long lasting fellowship 

The Moon Festival,is attached with a lot of memories and sincere affection that people have shared with each other. By understanding the heart of the giver, Kinh Do’s artists made great effort to release the special Golden Moon series, shining the long lasting fellowship.

The Golden Moon cake box is the pinnacle of perfection and flourish. Each cake box is characterized by its own features, creativity and meaningful wishes. The Wealth Golden Moon Series convey the best greetings- full of wealth." Golden Moon Great Blessing, Eminence Series express a dream of splendid, lucky and successful mid-autumn festival with close fellowship. The Dedicate Golden Moon is the perfect and subtle rmal greetings of family living as a perfect love, whereas the Elegance, Sophistication and Excellence Series represents the sincere affection to make the relationship closer and closer.

Not only sending a meaningful greeting, each Golden Moon cake box with its delicate and superior flavor is embodied with Kinh Do artisan’s enthusiasm and creativity. Cake is made of  premium ingredients as Shark and Abalone. Another cake is the perfect combination of ingenuity and fancy namely Hong Kong Scallop, Prawn, Sichuan crap, lotus seeds and so forth., or the unique combination between traditional and modern Butter Green Bean cakes with the mixture of French luxurious green beans and almonds.

Each Golden Moon cake box contains not merely a subtle flavor and characteristic of the Moon festival but also the sincere wishes, sophistication, deep emotion and reliable feelings over the years. A Golden Moon cake box is selected to offer the beloved people such as wonderful accumulation in the busy life to contemplate the deep memories in the past and share the upcoming sweet.

Diep Anh - Phu Nu Thu Do