Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival through a special music program "MOON OF LOVE"

8 September, 2011

The Mid August Night is coming closely, everywhere the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was filled up streets. Because the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is the second important festival of the year, this is the opportunity to show the cultural beauty and spiritual life of Vietnamese people.

The most beautiful season of the year is the time for us to think about each other, nurture and tightening the friendship. With the desire to partly evoke the great memories about the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival – the traditional festival in the heart of Vietnamese people, Kinh Do Corporation organized a special music program to celebrate Mid-Autumn Moon Festival named MOON OF LOVE.

The program will be held on Monday, September 12th 2011 at 20.30 (August 15th according to Lunar Calendar) in Hoa Binh Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of singers Dam Vinh Hung, My Linh, Xuan Phu, Ho Trung Dung, Phuong Vy Vo Ha Tram, FM group, Sido group ... and MC Quynh Huong and Ho Trung Dung. With the songs “ Mid-autumn lantern parade (Van Thanh), magic dream (Nguyen Ngoc Thien), Moon on the Street (Quoc Dung – Loi Man Nau), Mother’s Love (Nguyen Nhat Huy), Loi ru cho con (Xuan Phuong ), Nhung O Cua Xanh (Tran Le Quynh), Tinh Yeu trong lanh (Quoc Bao), Giac Mong (Ho Trung Dung), Tinh Yeu Chap Canh ( Duc Tri), Trang Mo (Minh Chau), Buc Tranh Muon Mau (Tran Lap), etc.

In addition, the program gathers the feelings from excellent articles in the writing contest about Mid-Autumn Moon Festival that recalls friendship organized by Kinh Do Corporation on the website www.tettrungthu.vn where people share the same memories associated with the Mid-Autumn Moon festival or express sincere feelings to their beloved. Thereby, it tightens closer the relationships of intimacy and respects spiritual values - a beauty in the traditional culture of Vietnamese has been inherited in modern life.

The program “MOON OF LOVE” was broadcast live on HN2 channel - Hanoi Television channel and directly connected to HTV9 – Ho Chi Minh City Television Station.