31 August, 2011

A Moon cake box with elegant packaging and delicious taste, ingenious combination of each materials that good for health, safety and is always the first concern of consumers because Moon cake is not only a special flavor of the Mid-August Festival but also hidden inside of cakes is both the care and sincere heart with all loving desire to relatives, colleagues, partners, customers, friends, etc a mid-Autumn Moon festival of reunion and warmth.

 Choosing Moon cake: quality and hygiene is prioritized

Perhaps there is not much of cake that has diversified stuffing materials inside like Moon cake. It ranges from the raw mixing to soft mixing, from green cake and elegant flavor to the premium and genuine materials such as shark fin, abalone, sea cucumbers, scallops, jambon and so forth. The cake is the mixture of all different materials such as fat fleshy nuts and salted egg yolk. Because of diverse materials and rich in the combination, the cake is absolutely safe for your health and a closed production line ensures for the perfect product quality.

Kinh Do Corporation focuses to quality and hygiene. Each cake ingredient is selected from great and prestige suppliers with very strict quality control and origin standard promulgated by the Ministry of Health. The modern and automatic production process is also invested and synchronized with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and food safety.

Mr. Le Van Thinh – Sales Vice president of Kinh Do Corporation unveiled that: "In order to fulfill demand of the Mid-Autumn Festival 2011, along with the traditional core products to be loved in recent years, the premium Trang Vang product series with exquisite taste are continuously invested by Kinh Do such as bird’s net, Abalone Beijing, Hong Kong scallops, Sichuan Crab, Sea cucumber, Bach Hoa crayfish, almond - green beans, lotus seeds ,etc and Green moon cakes are made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients.

In particular, the breakthrough in the recipe of lowdown sweet for the product portfolio in this year will offer more delicious and low sweet Moon cake for consumers. 

Kinh Do strongly believes to meet the demand for enjoying and giving gifts as well as enriching the choice of consumers to have the meaningful Mid-Autumn Moon Festival."

In particular, a separate production line is also invested for different cake categories by Kinh Do: Green cakes are made of 100% natural ingredients and pure flavor; traditional cake with diverse flavor; and Trang Vang Moon Cake with high-quality materials ensures superior flavor and special features of each product series. Throughout the manufacturing process, the Company’s Quality Control Department will supervise each working process and closely examine the microbiological criteria from product quality to packaging to ensure delivering the best service to the consumers.

Experience in choosing delicious Moon cake

By selecting a reputable Moon cake in terms of quality, hygiene and food safety, the wise sense of the donors are also showed by select the suitable moon cake box to express their sincere love to the receivers. For the elderly and vegetarian, the pure and elegant Green Moon Cakes will get a new interesting experience. For partners, customers, close friends, a collection of premium Trang Vang Moon cake of Kinh Do is the suitable choice.

In case of desiring to create a Moon cake box with creative style, different preferences, it is ideal to select Kinh Do’s traditional product series with various types of moon cakes: Mixed Chinese sausage, Jambon roasted chicken, green beans, taro, pandan, lotus seed, etc. The ingenuity and sense of the selector is to combine among various types of moon cakes for how to satisfy the gift receiver. The stuffing materials is extremely diversified, new and unique to facilitate the full enjoyment of the excellent flavor of the Full Moon season.

By Phan Anh - Tien Phong Newspaper

Link: www.tettrungthu.vn